Friday, 14 October 2011

Charector Design Update

Horus Character Concepts & Skeleton Experiments 
I’m trying to get across Horus’s cowardly/ over cautious personality. I have attempted to base his shape on ancient Egyptian architecture.

Captain Hashim Character Concepts & Skeleton
I am attempting to make Hashim look heroic confident and slightly arrogant.  

The Sultan Character Concept & Skeleton
The idea behind The Sultan is that he is very intelligent and tactical but also a skilled warrior.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Sam,
    watch the variation here on your designs - the have very similar proportions (ie typical human proportions) so you may wish to push these further. I think your Horus character is definitely fun, but you may want to make him a little shorter, to match your earlier explorations (make his legs shorter, and maybe a little fatter. I think his expression is great though! Just a thought though - he seems to be the only anthropomorphic characters here- is there a story reason for this? If he is meant to be a talking bird, then i would go back to a birds anatomy so that it doesnt look so human.

    I think your sultan needs an evil injection as at the moment he seems more neutral. I think you need to exaggerate his proportions. If he is agile and clever, maybe introduce more snake like proportions, or more catlike perhaps.His hands, being rather large, suggest a more brutish appearance, so you may want to change them to something more agile. I think the danger here is to end up with something like Jafar, so maybe you could make him more powerful looking in his build, a little more tigerish in his anatomy.
    For your hero, he looks a little intimidating, so maybe give him a cocky smile. I will be covering facial expressions tomorrow anyway.
    I think your designs are definitely moving in the right direction, but I do think you need to make them less generic. I think you need to think about your proportions, costumes and props, to make them more unique.