Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Character Design Synopsis & Bios Revised


Captain Hashim leads a crew of pirates who roam the Arabian Oceans on their frigate, The Isis, in search of lost treasures & adventure. The Sultan and his imperial fleet also patrol the ocean seeking new conquests and the elimination of piracy.  Captain Hashim and his crew have achieved notoriety because of their frequent run-ins with the Sultan and his fleet. These altercations occur for one reason; Hashim has something the sultan wants, a map. According to legend a mad prophet, Abdul Alhazred, drew the map almost a century ago. It is said to reveal the location of a lost Ancient Egyptian city berried by the ocean. The city is believed to contain all the knowledge and power of the old gods.    

Character Bios

Captain Hashim (Hero)

Captain Hashim is strong willed, witty and brave, or arrogant and reckless, depending on whom you ask. Although Hashim is a pirate he lives by a moral code, he doesn’t kill, and never steals from the poor. Hashim Loves the freedom the Ocean provides him. He enjoys out-witting the Sultan and his fleets. Hashim stole Alhazred’s Map from The Sultan who has been hunting him ever since. Hashim wants to decipher the map and find the lost city only to satisfy his curiosity. However he is conflicted about his quest, what if his efforts are simpley playing into the Sultans hands? What truly awaits him in the lost city, dose he really want to know?

Horus (Sidekick)

Horus is the loyal avian companion of Hashim, he is a sparrow who is often found perched on Hashim’s shoulder.  Because Horus is small, fast and can fly he is useful for both scouting and relaying messages over long distances. He is more sensible than Hashim and often attempts to discourage his more reckless or daring decisions, always to no affect.   

The Sultan (Villain)

The nameless leader of the Empire known solely as ‘The Sultan’ is swift, brutal and unforgiving in his pursuit of power. The acquisition of power by way of conquest is all that The Sultan cares about. He is a methodical tactician as well as a formidable warrior. He hates pirates especially the crew of the Isis. This is mainly because Captain Hashim is the only person who regularly out-smarts him. The Sultan believes passionately that deciphering Alhazred’s Map and finding the lost city will give him unlimited knowledge and power. He intends to use this power to conquer the world. 

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  1. Hi Sam,
    Now we are getting somewhere. The Map quest is entirely appropriate and really focuses the action. For Horus, I would really play up his sensible nature for laughs - after all, the audience must be on the side of the hero, rather than learn any lessons from Horus. I can imagine his overly cautious approach causing a little friction. Perhaps he is rather bookish, unadventurous and a little sensible, so when asked to do anything risky, he will be hesitant, and out of his depth.